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Columbus Chem-Dry Hope, Indiana
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Carpet Cleaning in Hope, IN

Columbus Chem-Dry provides excellent carpet cleaning in Hope, IN. Our unique process uses the power of a number of tiny bubbles to scrub deep into your carpet fibers. Most processes attempt to use the old technique of steam cleaning for your carpet, but we feel we have found a better way to accomplish a healthier clean for your home. Columbus Chem-Dry uses less water, eliminating the problem entirely. 

upholstery cleaning hope inUpholstery Cleaning in Hope, IN

We don’t just specialize in Carpet Cleaning in Hope IN. Columbus Chem-Dry also specializes in Upholstery Cleaning in Hope IN! We use Chem-Dry’s special processes to get your upholstery clean in the same manner as our carpet cleaning. This method assures that your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned as well as handled with great care. With all the traffic that your upholstery comes in contact with, it is important to clean your upholstery as often as your carpets. We can assure that if we can not handle your upholstery, nobody can!

pet urine removal treatment hope inPet Urine Removal Treatment in Hope, IN

Columbus Chem-Dry has professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment in Hope IN! Pet stains can present a unique problem, but we have found ways to take care of the unwanted spots and stains of your favorite family pet . As such, we use the power of a UV light to detect  where those spots are. In these spots we find urine crystals that form after the liquid urine dries. These crystals are destroyed using our special formula that takes the process down to the molecular level. This way, we can get any trace of the pet urine out! We know that we can make your carpet look and feel brand new!

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Stone, Tile, and Grout Cleaning Hope, IN

Columbus Chem-Dry is one of the leading experts in Stone, Tile, and Grout cleaning in Hope, IN. While stone and tile can make your home look elegant and sophisticated, it can take quite a bit of extra work to keep clean. Over time, tile loses some of the lustrous shine that makes it look extra special in your home. However, using Chem-Dry’s professional techniques, we are positive that we can keep your stone, tile, and grout looking just as good as when it was installed. For all of your Stone, Tile, or Grout needs, call Columbus Chem-Dry!